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what is S.E.O anyway?

What is SEO anyway?

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We Explain What is SEO anyway

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is considered a magic word when it comes to optimizing websites. The objective is that websites achieve a better ranking in the search engine ranking. But what exactly is hidden behind the term search engine optimization? How does SEO contribute to the success of a website? This will be explained in more detail below.


On-Page Optimization

The poor architecture of a website often leads to problems that make it difficult for the search engine bot to crawl and index. A crawler is a program used by search engines to search the World Wide Web for new content or links. Cryptic codes or bad web server settings also contribute to difficulties. These are often hard to identify for a layman but have an impact on the ranking and ultimately cost visitors. On-page optimization includes all content adjustments of a website such as the content of the page (content). In addition, headings, formatting and technical aspects such as headers, tags and the internal link structure of the website fall under this heading.

The selection of suitable keywords (keywords) is also part of on-page optimization. In favour of an advantageous placement in the ranking, a detailed on-page check is a sensible first step in search engine optimization. For this purpose, the website is systematically checked using various SEO tools.

Off-page optimization

A perfect on-page optimization and interesting texts alone are not sufficient for the search engine optimization for most keywords to significantly influence the search results of Google and Co. positively. At this point, off-page optimization comes into play. This includes all measures that take place outside of a website to be optimized. Essentially, off-page optimization is the establishment of a beneficial link structure with other web pages so that better positioning is achieved in certain thematic areas. For this purpose, a link partnership with content-related websites is highly recommended.

Link building

In the meantime, it is no longer enough to increase the relevance of a website. A good list in the rankings of search engines stands and falls with the quantity and quality of incoming links, also called backlinks. Since the penguin update in 2012, which triggered profound changes in link building, the generation of high-quality backlinks has become more time-consuming and demanding. The motto is that quality should always take precedence over quantity.

Social Signals

Relatively new development with regard to off-page optimization is the simultaneous generation of so-called social signals. This includes, for example, mentions of a website in the form of “likes”, “comments” or “shares” (Facebook). The background of this trend is the fact that search engines not only perform an analysis of the backlinks but at the same time algorithmically examine the intensity with which users communicate via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ via a website.


Mobile SEO

The fact that more and more users go online has led to the development of the latest generation of search engine optimization: mobile SEO or MSEO. Currently, there is already a significantly higher number of mobile phone contracts than residents in Germany. Internet-enabled smartphones or devices such as tablet computers require new measures. An innovation agency familiar with innovations therefore also offers its customers the optimization of websites for mobile visitors. Recent forecasts suggest that mobile access to the Internet will prove more popular in the future than the conventional desktop PC and DSL. Depending on the product, online shops are already generating about 20 to 30% of their revenue from mobile users today. Shop owners should not miss this chance.




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